Aaron's 1970 Rebel Machine
Aaron's  1970 Machine
Welcome to my homepage on the World Wide Web! I'm glad you stopped by. I traded my AMX for a 1970 Rebel Machine. It is an 53K on the odometer!

My Machine is 1 of 2326 made.
My Machine is one of 1396 Red/White/Blue Machine's made. Mine also is an automatic which they only made 596 out of all the 2326 Machine made. Another rare option is that I do not have power steering which is a bear at slow speed or parking, but it's cool.
Other options that My Machine has are AM Radio, Rear speakers, Command Air Ventilation, Electric wipers and the Light Group, which means it has a trunk, courtesy, glove box, ask tray, parking break lights and a lights on buzzer and low fuel waring light. I am currently restoring it back to stock.

*update 08/24/2006
As it stands now the I have really only done a little interior work such as a new headliner, although it is incorrect for the car. I just wanted it off my head. I also got one panel in the front divers seat replace because it was riped previously. I have also completely got a new exhaust system in place to stock specs. Besides the headliner not being stock I also put in a Petronix Ignitor II under the original distributor cap, the best $90 I ever spent!

*updated 8/2008
I also got it totally repainted with factory correct srtipe kit. I know it is only orignal once but the little dents rust and paint scatches really bugged me. If you want to see the progression of the work done by Xtreme Kreation
then click here The Rebel Machine Group. They did and awesome job and are really great guys. I also my crank shaft and bearing all redone and replaced to correct so oiling problems and had the engine painted all done by Zarkira's Garage one of the best garages EVER! Now I need to get some chrome work done and wheels repainted and some little thing and I will be very happy.

As it stands I have a new member to the AMC Family, on 9/26/03 my daughter Arabella in 04 , Arabella in 05 and Arabella in 06 was born, so I didn't attend many shows in 2003. In fact I only went to three AMC shows and two local. The picture of my daughter is at the last AMC show of the 2004 and she in 1 year and 1 day old and the other is in 2005 2 days before her second birthday. The Most recent photo was in my Machine at the Nationals 3 months before her third birthday. An my son Deacon was born 11/21/2006 and here Deacon in 08. Both are Daddy's Little Rebels.

Please take a look at my other photos of my Machine on the Rebel Machine Board

Take a look at my other pages below of my AMX that I sold in 2/2006, last seen in Texas


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Jay Lenos' Garage

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